Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day one....OK I think it's day two

I went to my doctor on Friday afternoon. We had a good chat. I told him about my latest ER visit and that I had told the ER doctor that the pain gets so bad, that I don't want to live. So the doctor sent in a crisis worker (A Social worker) The Social worker told me that he did not believe that Fybromyalgia exhisted. (so much for that 2nd opinion thing) My regular doctor said, "Well, you can tell that social worker, I don't think he exhists!" He put me on cymbalta. I took it Saturday morning and I was asleep all day. When I was not sleeping, I was throwing up. So, new plan: I won't take the Cymbalta this morning and I will take it tonight. Gosh, I hope this works. I really need something to help. CYmbalta is suppose to help with Depression, Anxiety, & Fybroimyalga. I am blesssed with all three <--Read sarcasm here. Here it is SUnday mid morning and I am exausted! I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep. But I need to get ready for church. I slept through the 4th of July. Literally slept through it. Of course I did not go to bed until 5:30am 4th of July morning. So between the med and not sleeping the night before, I am not too surprised.
New plan: Take Cymbalta tonight.